‘Quality is irreplaceable’ is a motto the two founders of Yoda Media has been living by since the start of their b2b selling careers around 20 years ago in London. For the last two years selling mobile spare parts and accessories to repair shops, repair centers and whole sellers all around Europe it has become apparent the market in general is extremely inconsistent and all around very badly serviced.

Yoda Media is a business professional team focusing only on a few quick accessible partners with large stock in Europe or China delivering consistent and high quality products. We believe in delivering not just a high quality and competitively priced product but also the highest possible responsive and personal service to any needs our clients may have. Reclamations can happen, delivery can be late for various reasons but it’s all about communication and finding a quick and responsive solution.

Yoda Media is your high quality trusted business partner to help your shop run as smoothly and profitably as possible. We are constantly researching the market and new trends and will be introducing various new products and services to help our clients to stay ahead of the competition.

“Quality is irreplaceable’ – Yoda Media Team, 2016

Christian Westhelle

Partner/Managing Director

Element 1 +49 175 182 8273

Johnny Kilde

Partner/Sales & Marketing Director

Element 1 +45 25 72 32 97

Ralph Westhelle

Sales Manager - Germany

Element 1 +45 25 72 32 97

Selcuk Evcimen

Sales Consultant - Germany

Element 1 +49 163 607 2219

Hermann Rudolf Westhelle

Accounting/landline - Germany

Element 1 +49 2962 9766 363

Aykut Cakir

internal sales/landline - Germany

Element 1 +49 2962 9766 363